November 13-14, 2017
School of Visual Arts Theatre, NEW YORK CITY
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Thought Leadership

REACH brings together today’s most insightful design leaders, so why not learn from them before the conference? Consider this your daily destination for industry trends and insider expertise. Check back regularly for Q&A’s with our programming team and each of our speakers as they talk about their careers, their influences and what it means to be a creative leader.

Q&A with Advisory Board Member Debbie Millman

I recently spent some time with REACH Advisory Board member Debbie Millman. She shared what a great leader looks like, the challenges of being a creative leader today, what inspires her personally and what advice she would give her younger self. Her answers are incredibly interesting and enlightening. Take a few minutes and check them out below.

Q&A with Advisory Board Member Ande La Monica

We recently sat down with Advisory Board member Ande La Monica and talked shop on creative leadership, professional growth and getting out of your comfort zone.